Vote for Funky Lunch in the What’s on 4 Junior Awards 2014!

We’re really excited to have got through to the voting stage for the ‘Best National Activity for children aged 5-12′ and also ‘Best Children’s Party Entertainment’ in the What’s on 4 Juniors Awards 2014!!

Many thanks to all the parents that nominated us. Please visit the site and vote for us to win in these categories.

Click here to visit the voting page on the What’s on 4 Junior Awards website.

Many thanks!

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Funky Lunch Activity Pack a success in Bermuda!

Our Creative Food Activity packs are not just popular in the UK but have also been a huge hit overseas.  They provide everything that is required to run a successful Funky Lunch workshop where children get to taste, design and create their own food face whilst gaining a better understanding of healthy ingredients.  Earlier in the year we were contacted by a lady from Bermuda who purchased one of our packs and went on to run a successful workshop at her daughters School, here’s what she had to say;

“I purchased your school kit and gave a slightly modified version of the Funky Lunch Workshop at my daughter’s school to the students aged 6-9 (there were about 117 of them!). We modified it by splitting it into two afternoons and included class time in between to let the students work on their designs. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it. Thank you for the fabulous workshop ideas!” Amanda Paulos, busy mum of four.

The workshop was split into two sessions, part 1 was a bread, fruit & veg tasting session followed by some demonstrations of a funky face and a little introduction to the activities of part 2.  The tasting session was great for the children as almost everyone said that they had tried something for the first time that morning, and many said they discovered that they liked a new food. After designing their funky face the children were ready for part 2 where they got to create their very own masterpiece using a wide variety of healthy ingredients.  The children had a fantastic time experimenting with different foods such as; carrots, cucumbers, peppers, scallions, broccoli sprouts, red and green leafy lettuce, radishes, cherry tomatoes,  red & green grapes, raisins, cheddar and Muenster cheese and of course bread.

Each Creative Food Workshop Activity Pack provides all the instructions, lesson plans,worksheets and reward incentives you will need to run a Funky Lunch Workshop in your school, club, organisation or activity group and are also reusable so offer fantastic value for money.  They are great if you have a topic or healthy eating week or simply want to teach kids that good food really is fun food!

If you would like to run a workshop at your School contact us on 0845 519 2268 or visit our website where you can order  a pack.  

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Funky Lunch success at the Foodies Festival!

What a fantastic couple of funky days we had in at the Foodies Festival on the 8th and 9th June!

We were invited along to the event on Clapham Common, London to host our own unique range of food workshops in the children’s cookery theatre.  We had a brilliant time running 8 workshops for 240 children over the two days and all of the children that came along produced some fantastic plates of food which really showed their creative side.

The Sandwich Master class was a great way for children to get hands on with fresh fruit and salad vegetables to create their own edible masterpiece! With the help of a few parents, our budding young artists chopped, peeled and delicately placed everything they needed on their plate. We saw some great faces, animals, flowers, houses plus many more.

During our Fruit Animal workshop, the children really got to use their imagination even if it was a bit messy!  Using strawberries, bananas and some other yummy ingredients, they got to create some fruity animals.  Most opted for the chocolate to coat their fruit then used raisins, cereals and dessicated coconut to decorate the faces.

Our Bear Claws cookery class was a real hit.  Mixing up the gingerbread dough, our young chefs got messy early on, before cleaning up in time to create our wonderful Bear Claws. Funky Lunch founder Mark Northeast expertly demonstrated how to roll, mould and shape the dough to create these delicious smelling biscuits during our cook along session.

We really did have an amazing time and it was great to see so many children using their imagination and creativity to produce some fantastic food creations. This is what the parents thought:

“All the ideas are amazing, it’s easy and very creative, my son is having fun, thanks”
We love it!
Fab Workshop – can’t wait until children are 5 to book a party!
What a brilliant class!

So we would like to thank each and every one of you who came along and made it a weekend to remember!

If you would like more information on the various event Workshops that we run, please contact us on 0845 519 2268 or drop us an email to

Alternatively, why not visit our website where you can book a Birthday Party, School Workshop, order one of our books or just get some inspiration to create your own masterpiece.

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Funky Lunch visits the Foodies Festival

Calling all foodies! We are excited to have been invited to the Foodies Festival in London, Clapham Common on June 8th and 9th where we will be hosting four Food Activity Workshops in the Children’s Cookery Theatre.  Each day will kick off with a fun and creative sandwich master class using a variety of fresh fruit and salad vegetables, followed by a cookery session using gingerbread dough, the young chef’s will make their own ‘biscuit claws and feet’. During the 3rd session, children will make a healthy and tasty sandwich the fun way, in another of our master classes, and in the last activity, children get to make a fruity animal of their choice involving a little chocolate!

As well as the Children’s Cookery Theatre, there is also a cake and bake theatre, a chocolate theatre, a drinks theatre plus many more. There are also some fantastic restaurants lined up for the events including Barbecoa by Jamie Oliver, Masala Zone and Jamie’s Italian Kingston.

We are delighted to offer a 2 for 1 early bird ticket to all our Funky Lunch fans when you purchase a regular adult ticket (children under 12  go free) but hurry, the offer is only available until a week before each event takes place. To book your Foodies Festival tickets, you need to visit or call our their booking line on 0844 995 1111 and quote the discount code FUNKY241.

There is so much going on at the foodies festival, it’s not just the best in food and drink that makes for a great festival – it’s music too, so you can relax, sit back and enjoy! All the dates and addresses of the festivals are listed in Festival Information for each site.

So come along and visit us in the Children’s Cookery Theatre, entry is included in the ticket price and places are available on a first come, first served basis.  All you need to do is register for free entry at the Registration Point by the main entrance on arrival

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Help us grow!

Here at Funky Lunch we are always looking at ways of growing our business, whether it’s new food ideas or expanding into products to help children eat better. So how can you help?

It’s simple really, just click the link below and answer the simplest of survey questions… Which are you top 3 favourite Funky Lunch creations from the picture below?

Click here to take the survey.

This survey is anonymous and we really only want you to vote for 3. It may not seem like it, but this really will help us move Funky Lunch forward as a business, bringing you bigger and better ways to have fun with food!


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Calling all Festive Funky fans!

It’s the season of goodwill again and here at Funky Lunch we would love to give away a signed copy of our recently launched and award winning book ‘ Funky Party’. All we ask is for you to think festive, get creative and have some fun!

With a bit of imagination and some healthy ingredients we would like you to create your very own Funky Christmas masterpeice. You could make a snowman, a reindeer, Father Christmas, the list is endless! If you need some ideas and inspiration on what type of ingredients you could use, why not visit our gallery at

All you need to do is make your Christmas sandwich, take a photo and email it over to .

Funky Snowman sandwichClosing date for this competition is 21st December 2012. The winner will be selected and notified on the day and we will showcase the winning sandwich on our website and Facebook.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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Funky Lunch goes National!

Following some local press about the launch of our new Funky Party book, our news got picked up by the national newspapers and some TV news companies.

Just recently Funky Lunch has appeared in The Sun, The Mail Online, The Times and recently we did some filming for ITV Meridian News. We’re also looking forward to appearing on China Central Television after doing some filming for them. German specialist cheese company LOOSE have invited us back to Germany to create some more food art in Cologne next month.

More exciting opportunities are on the horizon from all of this coverage but we can’t tell about this yet, as it’s top secret… watch this space!

To celebrate our recent media success we are running a competition for you to win a signed copy of our new Funky Party Book, all you need to do is answer one question, it’s that easy. Just answer the following and email us your answer to

Question: How many “carrot” candles are used on the birthday cake sandwich?

*Clue – The answer can be found on our website *

Winner will be picked at random at the end of the month, Good luck!

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A Funky trip to Hamburg

At Funky Lunch we get a number of requests to work on different food related projects, so when we got an email asking us to work with specialist cheese company LOOSE from Germany, we jumped at the chance.

Our brief was to create some ideas using their distinct style of cheese and showcase these at a press event in Hamburg. After taking delivery of some cheese shipped directly from the factory, our conversations with the companies PR agency led us to a couple of fun looking ideas. The first was to create a character that appears on children’s TV in Germany, Bernd das Brot and the second character to create was the Swedish Chef from the Muppets.

Having agreed the designs with the client we then looked forward to creating these on the day of the press event. As part of what was being called the 1st International Cheese Sandwich Summit I was honoured to be sat alongside the host Alfred Biolek a cooking show legend in Germany and the Danish ‘Queen of Smørrebrød’ Ida Davidsen.

This was a great experience to work direct with a brand helping to raise awareness for their product, and to show that with a few simple ingredients you can create something that looks fun and tastes good.

More information on LOOSE cheese
Press Event organised by Lottmann PR

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If you don’t believe how good our workshops are…

We always love getting feedback from our Creative Food Workshops, so we thought we’d share it with you…

Key Stage One workshop

We had a Funky Lunch Workshop led by Mark with our Key Stage One pupils. We told him what we wanted and he planned, organised, prepped and delivered a fantastic, fun and engaging day with our pupils. It fitted in really well with our Fun with Food theme and touched on so many different areas of the Curriculum.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and are proud still now after the event when they look at the photos of the food art they created. We are still hearing about rocket sandwiches etc that they are eating at home. Thank you to Mark for a productive, effective and thoroughly enjoyable day which was had by all.

I must also comment that his delivery to the children was extremely good, he engaged them, was clear in his instructions to them and set the expectations for behaviour and safety (use of tools) very well and as a result we were able to enjoy the days activities with the children too.

Thank you again.

Dominique Low
Key Stage 1 Teacher, Blakedown CE Primary School, Kidderminster

Although our workshops are focused on healthy eating, they can be used in different ways, as the following case shows. The structure of the day changed right at the last minute, but never one to turn down a challenge, we stepped up to the plate (literally), and as you can read… it went like a dream!

‘Funky Lunch Week’
Year 5/6 workshops

I invited Mark into our school to join in with our annual Book Week. This year, we decided to focus on non-fiction writing (instead of the usual stories) and specifically on writing instructional texts (recipes). This was to fit with our School Development Plan, where engaging boys in writing is a focus.

Mark came into school on the Monday to deliver a whole-school assembly to 280 children with me to launch ‘Funky Lunch Week.’ In the 30 minute assembly he talked about how he started his brand, how he came to write his book almost accidentally, and how his brand has now developed nationally and internationally. This was really important for our boy writers to hear, and Mark’s fantastic website – resplendent with its gallery and blogs – was very engaging for all watching and listening.

Mark spoke to the children very well and the pitch of the assembly was perfect. He told the story of the creation of the brand as it happened – through his interactions with his family, and this immediately had the children’s attention.

For the rest of the day, Mark did three workshops with each of our Year 5/6 classes, where he passed on his expertise to children aged 9-11. Each class had just under 30 children, so he worked with 80 children throughout the day. Mark was very flexible in terms of the content of the workshops. He initially was planning an ‘Apprentice’ style workshop, where the children created a new product and a brand of their own in one day. This sounded fabulous when we started talking about the week earlier in the year. However, because each teacher had planned to do this across the week with their class, Mark (in discussion with myself via email and phone) changed his workshop to fit in with our plans. We were extremely grateful for this and it had a huge impact as a result.

The day worked brilliantly and Mark left the children very enthused and ‘buzzing’ about creating their own Funky Lunches. The children then embarked on a week’s cross-curricular learning, using skills in Literacy, Numeracy, DT and Art to create recipes and make their new sandwiches. We are using Mark’s input and the week’s work to encourage the children to produce a school ‘Funky Lunch’ recipe book, which will be on sale to parents. This also covers PSHE skills in enterprise and financial capability.

Overall, I was very impressed with Mark’s preparation and delivery. He has offered to come back to school again and do workshops with the younger children, which I’m sure will happen very soon!

David Rich
Literacy leader, Walwayne Court School, Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

So if you are looking for a unique educational activity workshop for your students for the new school year, give us a call on 01903 719269 for a quote. You can also find out more information at

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Yum, yum! Birthday fun!

Over the last few months we have been working hard and are extremely excited to announce that Funky Lunch birthday parties are now available to book for your child’s special day!party food

Our unique birthday parties are suitable for ages 5 and up and will typically last for two hours.  They are a huge amount of fun and will have children getting hands on in making a funky sandwich creation and enjoying some fun interactive food games.

Funky Lunch will supply a party specialist, utensils, equipment and all the healthy ingredients that are required for the children to make a magnificent sandwich creation to eat.  We will also provide the party invites, chef hats, template recipe cards, certificates and a gift for the birthday child.  All of this combined is a perfect recipe for any child’s special day!

party invitesWe are currently focused on South East England and London but are looking to grow our network of Funky Lunch Party Leaders so please contact us to find out if we can run a party in your area.

For more details on how a Funky Lunch birthday party will make your child’s birthday one to remember, please contact us on 01903 719269/07771723510 or email us at

Alternatively you may wish to visit our website where you can fill out a booking form to secure your child’s party.

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