A little snack for the Cars 2 release

Tow Mater from CarsAs the much anticipated (well in our house anyway) sequel to Cars hits the big screen this week, I thought I’d give you a guide on how to make the Mater sandwich that was a big hit with my son and has gained a lot of interest around the world with many people asking how to make it. This is also a great way of getting children to eat wholemeal/wholegrain/brown bread as Mater is a rusty brown coloured truck and so the colours work perfectly.

3 slices of wholemeal bread
1 crust of wholemeal bread
sandwich filling

How to make it:

Mater template

The best way to start this sandwich is by making a template on paper or card. Click the image on the right to download our template for Mater.

  1. This sandwich is made of different layers so the first thing to do is to make your sandwich using your favourite filling and then cut out the outline shape of Mater excluding the wing mirrors and wheels.
  2. Next, get a single slice of bread and cut out the front which includes the mouth and headlight areas. Remove an area of this bread for the mouth and press down a couple of circles with your finger for the headlights. Fill only one of these headlight areas with a small circle of cucumber flesh.
  3. Before fixing this third slice on top of your sandwich, remove some thin slices of dark green cucumber skin and put it on top of the sandwich where the mouth hole will be so it shows through. Finish the mouth with a couple of rectangles of cheese for Mater’s big goofy teeth!
  4. To make the face area, take the crust of bread and using the template, cut out the edge around the windscreen/eyes area. Put this in place and finish off by cutting a big rectangle of cheese for the windscreen and two small eyes from cucumber flesh and skin.
  5. Using the leftover bits of bread and crust you should be able to make the wing mirrors, engine, bumper and wheels.

Now all that is left is to take a photo, email it to me at munch@funkylunch.com and I’ll add them to the bottom of this page.


Your photos:

This great photo was sent in by Amanda from NY state, USA who made it for her 3 year old son Nathan.
Mater sandwich by Amanda

This next one is from Amy Payne
Mater by Amy Payne

Angela Flowers sent this one in
Mater by Angela Flowers

This Mater sandwich was made by Melissa Smith
Mater by Melissa Smith

This next one was from Yvonne Dzurik from Cleveland, OH

Monica Miller’s son loved her Mater sandwich

Jennifer Hartpence created this fab one for her son!

Angela Lawton made two of these for Josh and Aaron

Another great sandwich, this one is from Trina Cyrus

This one was sent in by Nancy Pace and made by Greysyn and Grandma

Tammy Greenberg made this one for her son

Marla sent this one in for us

Erin Vega sent in her version

Mackenzie’s son Maddox loved playing and eating her Mater sandwich

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13 Responses to A little snack for the Cars 2 release

  1. Gloria says:

    This is soooooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lynn says:

    Oh my goodness, my daughter loves Mater so much and will be thrilled with this sandwich!

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  4. Oh my god I’m going to be the coolest mom at lunch tomorrow! My boys (ages 2 and 4) are HUGE Cars fans.

  5. Gram Aunt (sub for real Granny who is very ill!) says:

    I love this and am going to make it next week when my Nate spend Friday with us! Thanks SO much for sharing this!

  6. Hallee the Homemaker says:

    Okay. This is awesome. I have a son who has a Lightning McQueen or a Mater in his hands at all times. Seriously. If you look at the pictures on my site, you’ll see the Cars characters make regular appearances just by default.

    I came to you via a link on another blog, but with this sandwich and judging by the picture you have on your header, I know that I’ll be back and be back often.


  7. Judith Frijters says:

    Hi! Found this photo on Pinterest, it’s so cool! I’m going te try to make this for my 2 year old son! He’s also a big fan! Thankyou & greetings from Holland :)

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